40 by 40!

40 by40 (1)


In December I had the pleasure of turning 38, yaaayy! A few months before my birthday I decided I would start working on a 40 by 40 list. This is a list of 40 things I plan to do by 40 and most are things that I have never done.  It may be by my 40th or sometime during that year. It came about because I started thinking about if I was living the life I wanted to. What were some of the things I had envisioned doing but hadn’t? You know how you can sit and daydream, picture yourself doing things and leave it at that? Well I don’t want to do that anymore. If I can envision myself doing it, I should start acting on it. And these are not all grand things, take over the world things, but just simply a little part of life. Those little things that can make make me happy, put a smile on my face, laugh a little. I don’t want to simply exist anymore. I don’t want to keep living day by day for everyone else around me. It’s okay to carve out a little time for myself outside of working. I want to be just a little bit selfish with myself. I have attached the list and will check back in when I accomplish things on the list. It’s just all in fun, and I plan on having plenty of it! What are some things you want to do but haven’t? Something you want to learn? Somewhere you want to go? Let’s get moving and enjoy those things.



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