A little piece of heaven!

ripened bananas


I love bananas and they are a staple in my diet. I used to buy them twice a week because once they start to ripen, I would throw them out. I mean who wants to eat bananas with brown spots, right. Well once I started changing my diet and coming up with ways to eat healthy, over riped bananas are now a staple. I love sweets and ripe bananas have been fundamental in relieving my sweet tooth. My green smoothies are almost always made with ripened bananas. I also use them to make a variety of “nicecreams”. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s simply a treat made with frozen bananas and has a texture similar to ice cream. The base is bananas and not milk. I also use them to make banana bread, banana bars and a few other sweet treats. I have seen pancakes that are made with an egg and bananas. I have not tried these yet since I try to stick with a vegan diet M-F. These are however on my list to at least try one day. Just so you know, there are other added benefits to ripened bananas than just the sweet treats. As bananas ripen the antioxidants in them go up. The brown spots are actually the chlorophyll in them breaking down and forming antioxidants. There is a slight downfall to consuming ripened bananas. Once fruit begins to get old it starts to lose some of it’s minerals and vitamins. In a banana that means that the thiamine, vitamin C and folic acid starts to decrease.

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