I Lost a Part of Me

apieceofme died

I lost a part of me and I’m struggling to get it back. I am sitting here looking at my to do list and my goals wondering “Why haven’t some of these been accomplished yet?” The old me would have knocked some of these right out the box by now. The old me would be in a much better position at this time. Where did that person go? Where is she? I’m not sure why I am not as aggressive or motivated as I used to be. Like what happened? Do I need to refocus and see if my goals are in line with the person I am now? We are constantly changing and growing, so it would be okay if I don’t want the same things I wanted before. I however am not convinced that is what the problem is. I really just believe that I lost that part of me that pushes and motivates me. I lost the part of me where I surrounded myself with like minded individuals. I lost the part of me where I in no way succumbed to others around me limitations. I miss that part of me, the old me, and I need to get her back.

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