Monday motivation: Expect to win!


I expect to win! I expect nothing less than winning! You need to expect the same. Does it mean that I am going to always win? Nope. Does it mean I am going to win most of the time? Not necessarily. Is it cocky or conceited? Perhaps, but that’s okay. I don’t put in the work that I do and expect to lose. I don’t gain the knowledge I do and expect to lose. No that’s not acceptable! My mindset is that I am here and ready to win. Even if I do lose, I’m stronger and back at it, I’ll win the next time. You are what you think you are, therefore those thoughts of losing are not optional. Being scared, fearful, is ok and natural, but doesn’t have to be a hinderance. Never let those things conquer you, because at that point, you’ve lost already. We are all winners and there is no reason to expect anything else. So let’s win together!


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