Fear is a THIEF!



Fear is a natural part of life, but it is also a learned behavior. Is it easy to overcome? It genuinely depends on what the fear is. I believe that the problem comes when people feel that they need to overcome a fear in order to proceed. This is how fear will steal anything you want and wish for. Fear is a thief, but it is a thief that you not only allow in, you give it full access. It is very possible to work toward something while at the same time being fearful of it. Don’t allow fear to steal your goals. Put your positive thoughts into perspective and keep moving. As long as you understand that failure is not the end of it all, fear can not win. Never succumb to fear, never give it that much power over your life. Failure just means that you tried, and guess what, you can try again.  Fear is natural part of life, but you are a natural born winner, so don’t let it steal anything from you.

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