Have you said something good about yourself today?


Have you said something good about yourself today? If not today when was the last time you did? Amazingly someone reading this can not remember the last time they said something good about themselves. So why don’t you take the time right now to say something good about yourself. It’s innocent and won’t hurt. If you feel that your legs are great looking, say so. If you are working on losing weight tell yourself how thin you are looking nowadays. If you feel that you are a wonderful mother say so. Give yourself your own accolades. Just the same as you compliment and praise others, you can do the same for yourself. It is okay to be your number one fan. Sometimes we look for others to say good things about us and when they don’t, we become sunken and sullen. I’m sure everyone reading this has more than enough things to say good about themselves. Whether it’s internal or external. Don’t wait on someone else, start with you. Start reassuring yourself because with you is where it begins. it will boost your confidence, self esteem and self-awareness. Go ahead!

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