I’ve Gained Back 6 lbs!


So today is my Wednesday weigh in and it’s not as bad as I thought. I had lost 17 lbs and was under the impression I’d gained it all back. The scale revealed this morning that I have gained back 6 lbs only and this is since 5/11. So in a matter of 7 weeks I have gained 6 lbs.  While that’s still bad, I will admit I was happy to see that the number was not as much as I thought.

Since last week I have started making small moves toward losing the weight. Definitely nothing to brag about because the bad far outweighs the good. My goal for next Tuesday is to lose 6 lbs which is basically a pound per day. I know that is a lot and probably not okay, but I’m still going to shoot for it. Most 1st week weight loss plans yield more due to water weight, I know that, I get it, but it still looks good on the scale. This will be my plan:

  1. No sweets/added sugar

  2. 1- 1 ½ hrs of walking/jogging daily

  3. Six bottles of water daily

  4. Green smoothie 1-2x daily

  5. Three reps of 7 with a 10 lb dumbbell

  6. Five meals/snacks

Outside of the green smoothies my meals will consists of a salad or a lean cuisine meal. I am going to give a review and feedback on the lean cuisines because I know there are some who are frowning on them. But hey, I have them, I paid for them, I’m going to eat them. My snacks at this time will be cucumbers, carrots, grapes and peanut butter. I am not going to fully count calories and this could be a problem. A lot of times we tend to “think” we didn’t eat a lot, but we’re not as conscious to portions and weights as we should be. But since my diet will consist of mostly fruits and vegetables I don’t feel there is a need to count calories.

Can’t wait to weigh in next Tuesday!

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