I’m afraid to admit……


Do you have some things in your life you need to admit to? Are you afraid to do so? There are a few things I need to admit to myself, but am afraid to do so. I need to look right in the mirror and just admit some things. I’m afraid and not sure why. I am afraid to admit some things to myself that I already know. It’s not as if anyone is going to be around and hear it. Yet here I am, afraid. Am I afraid of my truths? Am I afraid of my failures, hurts, disappointments, insecurities? What is stopping me? I have sat quietly and sort of admitted these things. But I need to get right in front of the mirror, look myself in the eyes and admit. And I don’t mean just say them while standing in front of the mirror, eyes wandering to the side. I need to look directly in the mirror and get this over with. 

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