Is It Uncomfortable Yet?



I was at the gym working out today and there was a trainer near me working out with someone. He was continuously asking the man “Is it uncomfortable”? When I first heard him, I took it as though he wanted to make sure the guy was okay. I thought he didn’t want to push him past his limit. But as time went on I realized that wasn’t it. He got to the point where he was saying “Is it uncomfortable yet, keep going. Is it uncomfortable yet”? He wanted the guy to be uncomfortable. He actually wanted the guy in pain. When you are working out you’re supposed to feel the pain, feel the muscles burn. That way you know that it is working, you’re making progress, you are moving toward your goals.

This same principle can be applied to so many aspects of our lives. A few weeks ago I had a conversation with my friend that went like this:

Me: Well I’m comfortable at my job

Him: But you’re miserable

Me: I get that, but I’m still comfortable

Him: Do you know how crazy that sounds?

Me: Yeah, but it works

So many of us think like this. Comfortable works, I can get by with comfortable, comfortable will get the job done. But is that all we are trying to do? Get by? Being comfortable can lead to settling and missing out on all that you are able to accomplish. But what about the things that being uncomfortable can do? Being uncomfortable can bring about failure, mistakes and fear, but those are also the trials and tribulations of success. Success isn’t easy and being comfortable sounds a lot like easy.  Have you thought about what’s on the other side of uncomfortable? Are you ready to get uncomfortable?

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