It’s okay to make New Year’s Resolutions!!!!!


We are 5 days into the New Year and I’m sure we have all heard New Year, New Me mantra. I’m sure we have also heard those who say they don’t do resolutions. You might have heard why make them just to break them? It’s okaaaayy to make resolutions, even if you don’t stick to them. Making resolutions show that you may have identified flaws and there isn’t anything wrong with that. Making resolutions show that you want better for yourself. They show that you have a plan for a better you, better future and there’s is absolutely nothing wrong with any of these. Well why do you have to start the New Year and not in December?!?! Who cares?!?! You don’t have to understand everyone’s journey but it would be lovely if you could simply respect it. If you are that concerned with someone else’s goals, you might need to set some of your own. For the person who has had the same resolution year after year, make this the year that you get further with it. I am going to list my New Year’s resolutions here, and over the course of the next month I will go more into depth with some of them. Thanks for reading!


  1. Get to my goal weight
  2. Take care of the woman in me
  3. Purchase a home
  4. Find my happy
  5. Become more financially responsible
  6. Become more comfortable with every aspect of blogging

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