Make Moves Monday



It is Monday and I hope all is well with you. If it is I hope you are still moving forward to and with even better things. If things are not well with you, I hope you are devising a plan to turn things around. I am constantly moving things around in my life, coming up with a different plan and just pressing forward. I am always in plan and action mode and you should be as well. And it has to be plan and ACTION! You can plan from here until eternity, but without action, does it really mean anything? Don’t wait for the perfect time, get moving, get going now. Don’t wait until after the holidays to start losing weight. Don’t wait until you score a better job to start working on your finances. Don’t wait until next year to start writing that book. Start making moves now, there’s no time for sitting idle and waiting on something irrelevant. Even the smallest step counts, and from there keep moving.  Your success, hopes, dreams, all ride on what moves you start making now. What are you making moves with?

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