Meal Prep…….. well kind of, sort of



So I have been wanting to get back into meal prepping, but have not buckled down to do so. And as you can tell from the photo, I pretty much still haven’t. But hey, gotta start somewhere, right? I have not done much this year towards reaching my weight loss goal and I have got to get focused. I was supposed to have lost roughly 15lbs by now and I haven’t. Honestly I haven’t lost anything. I have had so much going on, all good things, that I simply have not made it a priority. Well not only is summer right around the corner but I also have a cruise next week. I am so disappointed that I have not lost any weight, but I am here and ready to get the ball rolling.

I purchase these neat little prepackage salads from the grocery store. The calories per container falls between 240-340 each. Most of them have things in them I have never personally used for a salad, barbecue chicken & dressing, edamame beans, tortilla strips etc, but would consider it for the variety. I also purchased Lean Cuisine, which everyone is familiar with. I know they might not be the healthiest but I feel that they are a good short term alternative. I made smoothie packs with bananas, strawberries, kale, spinach and will add the protein powder. I have never used a protein powder before as I normally add grains for my protein source. I also added in between snacks of carrots, grapes and cucumbers.

This is where I’m starting in regards to losing the weight. My meal preps will most likely look like this for the next few weeks and I am hoping to see results. I won’t say I’m expecting a lot but this meal prep is far better than what I have been consuming, so weight loss is bound to happen.


Now to tackle my water intake

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