Monday Meal Prep: Green Smoothies


So my Monday meal prep this week consisted of green smoothies. I know this has become increasingly popular in recent years, and rightfully so. Some call it a cleanse, some a diet and  others it’s just a way of life. That’s more so what it is for me. I don’t generally go extended lengths of time drinking smoothies only. I believe at the most I have gone 2-3 days consuming smoothies only. There are times where I will drink one for a meal everyday for a week. It normally just has to do with what my week is going to be like schedule wise. These will be frozen and I will pull them out when needed. If I don’t do the needed grocery shopping for the week, and haven’t done my weekly meal prep, these help. I keep them in the freezer at work and at my job as well. I have 2 single serve blenders, I keep one at work and the other at home. I don’t haven’t any special or high tech blender, I spent $20-$30 for them. All of the ingredients used were fresh items, nothing was bought frozen. I tend to stay away from the frozen fruits due to being unsure of added sugar. I allow my fruits to get a really ripe, which makes them really sweet and that’s the perfect amount of sugar. Once they are ripe I will normally then freeze them in their own bags and pull them out once I am ready to package my smoothies. These that I have packaged this week contain the following ingredients:






Frozen Banana

Frozen Cherries

Chia Seeds

Flax Seeds


This is what I happen to have this time. I do a variety of smoothies and look forward to sharing them with you guys. Do you drink green smoothies? Are you making them yourself or store bought? Have you tried it and not liked it?

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