Monday motivation: Give Up to Go Up


You have to learn to give up to go up.
I have just realized that I have to give up to go up. And it’s not really that I just realized this, I more so realized that I haven’t been living by this. I know that I am going to have to sacrifice to achieve the things and goals that I have set forth, but I can honestly say with so much disappointment, that I haven’t been. Last weekend was a very exhausting weekend for me, but I accomplished nothing. Sunday night around 9pm I found myself sitting and wondering where my weekend had gone.  I literally had a whole list of at least 15 things to accomplish that weekend and not a single thing was done. Is it unrealistic that all of those tasks could have been completed? Absolutely not, but here I was thoroughly disappointed with myself. I started going over what had taken up so much of my time and there was nothing there to really account for. I will have to give up those fun weekends if I am truly to achieve the things I desire. I have to give of those relaxing evenings after work, and put in more work. That was a decision I made last Sunday night, and this past weekend was so much better. I was just as exhausted this past Sunday but I accomplished so much. What are some of the things you have to give up to go up?

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