Monday Motivation: Lessons from pain



Pain is okay and actually a necessity. You were brought into this world by someone enduring pain so it’s simply a part of life. And just as pain brought forth something as beautiful as you, understand that any pain you go through has the potential to bring about something just the same. These are times when you can not only learn something about life but yourself as well. Pain can teach you to overcome a fear that you have carried with you for a long time. There might be something you have been afraid to do or face, but to get past the pain, you had to confront it. That teaches you that you are braver or stronger than you thought. This can also be the time when you learn how patient, empathetic or independent you are. You can also learn that there are somethings that you are or are not willing to ever do again. Whether the pain is physical or emotional, you can find success in it.

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