Mother’s Day is coming!

Mother's Day gifts


Mother’s Day is this Sunday and I know many have not bought gifts yet.  My Mom is in another state so instead of sending a gift I’m sending money. I’m pretty sure she will enjoy it just the same, if not more. I’m not sure about you guys, but I get to decide what I want for Mother’s Day, no surprises here! Since I have a lot going on this year with business, personal and family goals, I wanted to make the best use of my gift (our money). I decided that I want a ticket to an upcoming event that I was debating on attending. It’s a business event so it will be of good use. I am however sharing a few gift ideas for that special mother in your life. Don’t know that I have a wide selection here, but they are definitely things I would enjoy. I have been eyeballing a few of these and will most likely end up with something here. What are you wanting, expecting or requesting for Mother’s day?

shoes here

necklace here

pillow here

watch here

dinnerware here

bedding set here

vase here

handbag here

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