Motivation Monday: Dead Situations


Have you ever been in a relationship that you wanted so badly to work? You kept changing things and coming up with new ideas because you figured something had to work. What about that job that you really wanted to leave but just couldn’t? There was always a new reason formed as to why you should stay. Was there a business that you started and 10 years later you still hadn’t turned a real profit? There was always that “thing” that was about to take you to the next level. No matter what the situation was, I’m sure we can all relate to not wanting to give up on something. You feel like you’ve put in so much work or that you don’t want to feel like a failure, so you keep trying and trying. There is nothing wrong with having faith but sometimes the knowledge and power to let something go, is just as valuable. That energy and effort can then be applied to something much more fruitful in your life. It is okay to at some point decide that enough is enough, because everything doesn’t deserve “life” in your life.

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