My vision, My ceiling

I was talking to someone I’m very close with the other day regarding a particular goal I want to reach. The response was “That’s a bit much, that number is too high”. I simply smiled and continued the conversation, with my same numbers. He then said “If you only do half of that, you’re still fine”. He wanted me to realize that less was okay, and I should probably shoot for that. I didn’t feel the need to explain nor defend myself. I understood that his comment was not a reflection of me, but of himself.


It wasn’t that he was being a hater or didn’t believe in me, he simply lacks the vision that I have. He can not comprehend how it is possible to go from point a to point d. We are working on the same goals but his has him stopping at b, and guess what, b doesn’t work for me. He knows what he is capable of doing and has set that as his gauge, but it should be a gauge for himself only. And it’s not that he’s not capable of going beyond that, he has made the choice that is all he needs.

It’s not possible for everyone to understand, support and believe in your goals. My vision and goals are mine, and can not be limited by someone else’s limited thinking. They’re yours and you have to protect and nurture them. This is one of the main reasons I generally keep to myself with what I’m working on, everyone won’t get it, and there are some who will subconsciously try to stop you from getting it. It’s what I call a “lack mentality” and it can be dangerous. Never allow someone’s shortcomings dictate how high you will go.

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