New skin care gadget


So I have just purchase another skin care gadget: a facial brush! I have been putting off getting one because I simply didn’t get how it could be beneficial. All I could think was that this is going to scratch my skin and cause all types of abrasions. I have sensitive skin (who doesn’t) and felt this could only do harm. Well I have finally given in and can’t wait to implement this into my regimen. The purpose of this little guy is to:


  1. Keep the pores clean and unclogged
  2. Exfoliates the skin, which will help produce more collagen
  3. Helps with the blood circulation, which can help with things such as skin tone, skin discoloration


As I have mentioned before I have very oily skin and I am willing to try anything to help tone that down. I do have dark spots from various bad habits that I have, and I am working on those.
One of the other reasons I have stayed away from using a cleansing brush is that it just seemed like too much work, and for me it really is. My understanding is that I HAVE to use a foam cleanser, and I don’t currently use one. So now that is another product I have to buy, and I am already a skin care product junkie. You also have to clean it immediately after each use, another chore. Another good tip that was given was to use a moisturizer on your face after using the brush as well, since a lot of the natural oils will be stripped away. I have seen different thoughts or how often to use, some daily others 2x per week. Once I get my complete routine down, my goal is 2x per week. Do you currently use a cleansing brush?

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