“Playing with Plaid” begins: Plaid Dress

DSCN2095 DSCN2096 DSCN2098 DSCN2099

This is my 1st post ¬†for my Playing with Plaid week. I definitely struggled with this week due to things not turning out how I envisioned them. But hey I have to roll with the punches and keep going. Hindsight now that I am really looking at this picture, I should have gone with a different belt other than the one that came with it. I will make that adjustment when I actually wear it out somewhere. I picked this dress up at a local chain of stores here in the Dallas area. The store is called L’Patricia and they have a few chains throughout Texas, as far as I know. I purchased the boots from Charlotte Russe a few months ago, but checking their site today it appears that they are sold out.


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