Skincare Junkie


I have unfortunately became a skincare junkie, at least in my opinion. Like, how many products are really just too many. I don’t recall my mother and grandmother having this many products and they’re skin was much better than mine. I know a lot of that has to do with diet and so much more chemicals in our food, but still. One problem is that I have very oily skin, so when I see a product that says oil-free, I’m sold! I also tend to buy a lot of masks, yet I only do a mask maybe once a month. I use so many products that I honestly don’t know what works and what does not. And I previously mentioned that I am about to start using steamers and brushes, so more to the madness. My mom always used Oil of Olay bar soap on her face. It was kept in it’s own special case and everyone knew not to touch it. That is the only reason I started using their products. I started using Roc because they have the under eye deep wrinkle cream, and I figured anything in a gold package, has got to be like gold on my face. You do see the logic behind it, right? As you can see there are a few of the Queen Helene products and this was the first brand of masks I ever bought, I picked it up from a neighborhood beauty supply store. I just recently started using their scrubs but they don’t seem to be as good as the masks. I know that a lot of my skincare problems have to do with my diet and the chemicals I put in my body. So it really doesn’t make much sense for me to combat these things with more chemicals. I have decided that after I am finished with most of these products I will be looking for more natural products. I know this might entail having to make my own, but I am perfectly fine with that. How many products do you use on your face? Any ideas for more natural based products?

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