Stop Placing Blame


I have seen the meme going around that says “Your salary is the bribe they pay you to forget you dreams”. While it’s nice, catchy and will make you think, let’s be honest; it’s not really the truth. Are there jobs that have contracts prohibiting you from working for a competitor or starting your own business in that field? Absolutely, but they are far in few. This is nothing more than placing blame for our shortcomings.


We are payed a salary to do a job. Unless you are working 24rs a day, 7 days a week then it is your own fault that you are not working on your dreams. You can go home and still work 2, 4, 6, 8, hrs a day on your dreams. I don’t want to hear the excuse I’m too tired, because that’s all that is, an excuse. If your dream is being an entrepreneur, guess what, it’s not easy. Entrepreneurs have a lot of sleepless nights. A lot 2-4 hours of sleep at night because it’s a hustle and grind. If your dream is to get a degree do a poll on how many students have to pull all nighters. It’s life and you have to get it done!


You choose to forget your dreams. You choose to be too tired and whatever other excuse you come up with. It’s a choice that only you can make. There are countless numbers of degrees that have been attained while working a job. There plenty of million dollar companies that have been started while working those same jobs. We want easy and easy doesn’t always get the job done. You’re going to have to sacrifice that tv, social media, girl’s night or whatever else it is.  Until you accept that it is your choice, you’re going to continue to have nothing but a dream. Let’s stop placing blame, own our crap and get busy working on our dreams!

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