Take care of yourself!


There are all types of things we need reminders to do. Groceries, dry cleaners, phone calls, etc. What about the reminder to simply take care yourself? I really believe this is something I need to do. I find myself drained so much and needing a pick me up, but I never really do anything about it. I might go to bed an hour earlier one night, that’s my fix. But is that really doing much? I constantly have a full schedule of everything in the world except just a little bit of me time. And taking care of yourself doesn’t have to entail me time. Are you taking enough time to workout? Have you taken to to make sure you are eating healthy? What about that doctor’s appointment you keep forgetting to schedule. I understand that we have to be employees, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, but we still have to remember “me”. What is it that you need to take care of for you?

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