Texas State Fair!

Yesterday my kids were out of school for “Fair Day” and that’s what we did, attended the Texas State Fair. I am a transplant here and have been in Dallas for almost 5 years. I am originally from Chicago, Il and never attended the state fair there, as it was more than 3 hrs away. Here the fair takes place in my city, so it makes it easier to attend. I have been here for 5 fairs and have attended twice. I really enjoyed myself this time and think I might start going every year.

It is a very big deal here. Schools shut down for it and all students get a free ticket. People travel from all over just for this fair and it is actually the largest state fair in the US. I am not a sports person but I do know that a lot of the traffic is centered around some of the football games held at the Cotton bowl stadium.

My main reason for attending the fair is to eat lots of good food that is bad for me. I do like to get on some of  the rides but my thrill seeking days are long over. The upside down and long drops are no longer part of my game plan. So below I have shared some of my good eats with you.


  1. Fried Brownies-This was the best thing I ate, I believe for my kids as well

20161010_164621 20161010_164853

  1. Fried Cheesecake-It was okay, I’ve had better. The fried cheesecake that used to be at IHOP was waay better than this.


Fried Smores- It was decent, as gooey as I expected it to be, but not enough graham cracker flavor in it


Fried Red Velvet Cupcake-This was very disappointing. I had a fried red velvet cupcake the last time, and it was moist and delicious. This one was dry and just bad. They included a chicken strip with it, and that was confusing. The strip was good, but confusing

20161010_185406 20161010_185440

Fried Chicken and Waffle on a Stick-Nope, just nope not at all. It seemed like a heavily breaded chicken strip on a stick.


There were a few other things that I wanted to try but was too stuffed to do so.

Fried Lemonade-I have not been able to wrap my head around this one yet, but I really want to try it

fried-lemonade Photo courtesy of David Maez, thrillist.com

Fried Chicken & Dumpling-This one is very new to me, and I am a lover of Chicken and Dumpling



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