The 4th Quarter is here!

It is officially the 4th quarter! Wow! I don’t know about you, but it’s like I blinked and missed 5-6 months this year. But here we are, in the The 4th quarter where it goes down! Not in a bad way, but 4th quarter is where you put the nail in the coffin. Think about sports and how intense that 4th quarter is. Sometimes you’re not sure what’s going to happen and it’s not until that final buzzer sounds. Or being in school and knowing that the last quarter was leading to all types of summer fun! The 4th quarter is an ending and beginning, and it happens whether you are ready or not.

The 4th quarter happens in everyone’s life. Think back to those New Year’s resolutions. Where are you now with them? Did you reach your goal? What milestone are you at? You still have 3 wonderful months left and can accomplish a ton. Do you have a game plan to finish it out? If it’s the same one you had in the beginning of the year, has it worked out good for you? If it hasn’t, it’s never too late to change it. And this doesn’t apply only to a New Year’s resolution, you can start a goal right now and still kill it.

The 4th quarter is representative of so many things in our life. It is that moment right before the end, but also before the beginning. That moment where you should be giving it your all, because this is all you have left. Don’t stop and say this is it, I’ll start over next year. No, we’re moving forward even stronger at this point. The 4th quarter you should be so much stronger and better than the 1st quarter version.

Keep going and let this be the motivation for next year, where we will be aiming for even more. Start right now by creating habits that can only lead to success in whatever it is that you’re planning. If you’re not already planning for next year, you are so far behind that you have to get up and get moving. We have 89 more days of awesomeness, to do extraordinary things. So let’s kick it in full gear and finish out our goals.

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