Last week I attended a trade show and I must say it shifted my perspective. That is what these trade shows and workshops are supposed to do, aren’t they. Out of all of the information there, all of the wonderful workshops, it was the single most common sense thing that hit me the hardest. One of the speakers seemed to be getting irritated by the audience’s goals and things we were working on and she said “If you think small, you are always going to be small”. Say what!!! For a second I was like “Lady who are you talking to?” She startled a lot of us with that comment. Lady we are telling you our hopes and dreams, we’re excited. How dare you say something like that? But I let it sink in, and it has been on my spirit since then. If you think small, you are always going to be small.
That’s not rocket science, it’s not scholarly verbiage or some new and profound quote. It’s just plain and simple truth! It really made me take a look at my goals and the time line I have set forth. There are things that I have set for 2019 & 2020, and I had to question what am I waiting for. The answer was that I didn’t think I would be ready sooner, I had to take baby steps. I’m not sure if it was fear that was causing me to make the original decisions, or I simply thought it was logical and made sense. Those “baby steps” which is just “small thinking” has no place in my being, my space nor my manifestation!
The area of my life that I’m speaking of is in regards to business, but I see this in so many things. When speaking to people about losing weight I often hear “I’ll never be that size” or “I’ll never be that size again”. Why? Not because you’re not capable. You are not willing to do the work. You believe that since you haven’t before, you can’t now. Sometimes when I’m speaking with people about certain monetary goals, I hear the “Nobody in my family has ever” or “It’s too late now”. It’s too late for what? It’s never too late to grow, to work on goals. There are plenty of noted people who did not start their endeavors until upward of 40 and prospered. It’s the thought process that will get you there, and thinking small won’t do it.
So I have revamped my timeline and in doing so I have added new things! I am on to bigger and better things, and I am excited! There is so much out there to get, as well as so much I have to offer. But thinking small will not get me there! Are you ready to do big things?

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