Tuesday’s Tip: Budget Apps & Programs


Smart phone apps and dollar symbol

Yesterday I spoke on the importance of budgeting and wanted to give you a few apps and programs that can help get the ball rolling. I personally have not tried all of them, but they do come highly recommended. Most if not all are very easy to use are do not require any major tech knowledge. Give one a try, if it’s not a good fit, move on to the next one. Sometimes trying some simultaneously gives you a better idea as well.

Android Users:

  1. Prism Bills & Personal Finance

  2. Home Budget Manager Lite

  3. You Need A Budget YNAB

  4. AndroMoney

  5. Money Manager Expense & Budget

  6. Mint

IOS Users

  1. BUDGT

  2. Mint

  3. You Need A Budget

  4. Good Budget

  5. PocketGuard

  6. Spendee


  1. Quicken

  2. You Need A Budget

  3. Spreadsheets-Excel, Google, One Note

  4. Mint

  5. Neo Budget

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