Valentine’s Day gifts for him

Let’s take a look at gifts for that perfect guy in your life!

cathysconcepts These monogram red wine glasses are great for a wine connoisseur. These are made by Cathy’s Concepts and can be purchased at Kohl’s and JcPenney but online only. They are currently on sale for 70-$75. They also carry a variety of monogrammed items for the kitchen. glasses and here

kohls grillset I love a man that can grill! Seeing a man on the grill ignites me. Or it could just be that I know I am about to eat, which generally ignites me. What better gift than a barbecue set with all of the necessities? This set can be found at Kohls and a similar at Target for about $50. here and here

fitbitkohls Is the special man in your life on a fitness journey? The FitBit is still running the charts as the best fitness tracker around. The FitBit featured here has the heart rate monitor which makes it an even better score. It does come in a variety of colors  and is currently on sale at Kohl’s and Best Buy for $130. here and here

Poloredintense I have always been a fan of Ralph Lauren fragrances. This is the Polo Red Intense and it came out last year, so it’s not a totally new cologne. This cologne is so sexy and a great buy! The 4.2 oz bottle runs approximately $85.  here

red suitcasegrill REDSUITCASEGRILLAMAZON I am just flat out in love with this grill! Isn’t it the cutest dopest little grill you’ve ever seen? I have never used it before and don’t know anyone who has, therfore I can’t attest to how great it is. I saw it on Amazon but it does not have any reviews. The measurements are   12.375 x 3.375 x 6.5. here

armani boxers boss boxers manred boxers diesel boxers And when all else fails ladies, underwear will do!


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