Weigh in updates


Well Thursday 9/15 was my first weigh in since I have started on this journey of getting rid of my recent weight gain. I also had a 2nd weigh in on 9/22. The scale was down 7 lbs on 9/15 and 3.4 on 9/22. Yaayyyy! Before anyone starts giving me the side eye, yes I am very much so aware of water weight, but please let me celebrate my victories. Geesh! It’s definitely a start in the right direction and I’m ready to continue. I only made it to the gym once but I will be working on going more. I am so busy right now, stretching myself across so many things, so time is a scarcity. Nonetheless I know that I have got to make the time for my health. I am still in those intial few weeks where the weight just seems to fall off so I really want to amp up and take advantage of it. Some of the things I have done over the past couple of weeks would be:


Got active, 11,000-14,000 steps per day

Increased my water intake, I’m currently at 5 bottles per day and am working on doing more

Increased my fiber intake-loading up with vegetables and fruit

No sweets, this is definitely my biggest struggle


It hasn’t been hard physically because it’s nowhere near what I’m accustomed to. The hard part has been finding time. Finding time to do steps, count calories, a little meal prep.


So my goals over the next couple of weeks are:

Keep my steps over 15,000

Drink 6 bottles of water or more per day

Go to the gym at least 2 times

I know a lot of times people tend to say “the weight didn’t come on over night and it’s not going to fall off over night”. Ummm….kick rocks. This weight betta hurry up and go somewhere else. Besides, I do feel like it came on over night, 6mths? Yeah, I need this off in 3 mths. Can I really lose 50 lbs in 13 weeks?

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