Weight gain!

Digital Bathroom Scale Displaying OMG Message

It is confession time and I must speak on my recent weight gain. I have gained over 50 freakin  pounds this year. This is actually pretty painful to write but not as painful as not being able to fit into anything. This is the most I have ever weighed in my life, and it’s sooo disappointing. I have been extremely busy this year and would love the opportunity to blame my weight gain on that. But I must honestly admit to the fact that I have also been extremely negligent, lazy and careless. I have gotten on the scale several times and watched it continue to increase, but still putting things off until the next day, and the next and the next day. But I’m here now, focused and ready. As of Thursday 9/8/16 I made up my mind that it is passed time to do something about my weight. Now I’m not saying Thursday was a good day for my eating, because I had a bag of Garrett’s popcorn that had to be taken care of. I live in Dallas but I’m from Chicago, so whenever I have the opportunity to indulge in Garrett’s, I must do it. But from there on out I have been doing pretty well with getting my eating back on track. I did start back out with getting active tho, making sure I at least get in 10,000 steps. I even went to the gym for the first time Saturday since winter I believe. This is a start, my acknowledge, so tune in for my journey!


  1. Tamika Odeh says:

    I have faith in you. I know that you can loose all the weight that you choose because I have seen you do this before. Stay focused. Be my inspiration. God bless you and of course I love you dearly.

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