What are you willing to sacrifice?



I worked all weekend long and I am having mixed feelings about it. A part of me is like ‘Great, because you’re going to have to sacrifice to get where you’re going’, but the other part is feeling some type of way for ‘abandoning my family’. I do alternate my weekends on taking them out, and although this weekend was not their turn, my not being there still had us bummed. I did speak to my children briefly about changing my work schedule and working on a few things, but I’m not certain any of us were fully prepared for this. I do plan on talking to them about how they felt about this weekend. My baby boy even asked me Sunday afternoon, if I was done and staying home. Ouch!

I know that due to the nature of the things I’m working on and where I am headed, there will have to be a great deal of sacrifice. I am sacrificing a lot at this time and I am looking for even more areas to sacrifice in. The shopping trips, salon visits, tv shows, social media all have been sacrificed and I’m okay with that. Family time, date nights and phone calls have been sacrificed as well. I have sacrificed my ‘get fit’ journey, but I’m not okay with that. So in return, next on my list: sleep. I need more late nights and early mornings. Live a few years of your life like most won’t……… I want what I want and I am so willing to go all out to achieve it all. Enough time has been wasted and I am unwilling to waste so much more. I knew when I sat down and made my plan that it would not  be easy. But I also knew that I was willing to sacrifice and put in the necessary work.

Is there something that is holding you back from your goals? You don’t have to tackle them all at once, start small. How about committing to not looking at social media for a complete hour everyday? Is there a tv show that you can let go? That tv show that is contributing absolutely nothing to your life, it is negative and draining, stop looking at it. How many times a month are you in  the salon, hair or nails? Can you cut out one of those visits? Do you spend countless hours per month reading magazines keeping up with the latest gossip and celebrity news? You have to sacrifice if you want to succeed. A sacrifice for your success is an investment in your success. What are you willing to sacrifice?

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