Why is the weight section always so empty?


Yesterday while I was at the gym I took notice to just how empty the weight section was. Now mind you, it wasn’t that the gym was empty, just the weight section. But I must admit that I myself was scouring the room trying to grab a treadmill. Why are so many people scared of lifting weights? Is it intimidating or just too much work? I know, cardio is great and definitely a faster way to lose weight. However, a lot of us don’t value or maybe even understand what role weight training plays in our weight loss journey. There are a lot of benefits to strength training and I will share some of them with you in a future post. I know people say a lot of times that women are scared they are going to get to buff, but that’s definitely not my reason or way of thinking. For me I believe it’s a comfort zone bordering on lazy. I mean let’s be honest, it takes a lot of work to do strength training. Not to mention sometimes it’s just too hard trying to figure out how to use the weight machines. It’s so easy to hop on the treadmill, do an hour, sweat and go home.  At this time, my current strength training consists of doing a couple of sets with an 8 or 10lb dumbbell every so often. Am I currently thinking, “I am going to start using the weight machines next week”? No, not at all. I am going to keep using the treadmill, graduate to the elliptical and then go from there. I will get consistent and I will get there, but until then, SEE YOU IN THE CARDIO SECTION!

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